2020 foal, due 8/4/20. Witching Hour x Gaudi:

FOR SALE: $15,000 once foaled, $12,500 in Utero. Please contact Anne for more details.

will be registered KWPN. 75% chance black, 25% chance chestnut.

DAM: Witching Hour (Weltstern/Viking Song/Vienna Waltz) -
2001 17hh Black RPSI/Westfalen mare

has produced several exceptional foals for us. They are all talented movers with sweet, trainable, puppy dog-like personalities. She comes from impressive German bloodlines including Weltstern and the famous Welt As (sire of both the olympic showjumper Leroy Brown & Anky Van Grunsven's Olympic dressage mount and multiple World Champion horse, Bonfire). Wicca's foals have gone on to become successful dressage horses, eventers and vaulting horses. They have proven that they have the movement for upper level dressage, but they also love to jump. Wicca is registered and MMB Approved with Westfalen/RPSI. Everyone loves riding and showing this mare.

Previous Foals: Odin, Yukon, Aero and Brann.

SIRE: Gaudi (Totilas/De Niro/Donnerhall) -
2011 1.68m Black KWPN Stallion


Gaudi, standing at Shooting Star Farm, is an extremely well-bred black KWPN stallion. He is by the one and only Totilas, World and European Dressage Champion. Totilas was the first horse to win all three available gold medals at a World Equestrian Games. His name is legendary. He was the first dressage horse to top 90% at Grand Prix level and at that time held 3 world record scores.


Gaudi's dam, Annabel (by De Niro), is an elite preferent prestation mare. In addition to Gaudi, she has also produced KWPN licensed stallions Bretton Woods and Chagall D&R. From this same dam line also comes the licensed stallion Four Legends KS. Annabel leads the KWPN index for dressage mares and has produced top sport and keuring horses.

VIDEO OF GAUDI | Other foals by Gaudi



* NOTE: WICCA will be Re-bred to Gaudi in 2020 for an additional 2021 foal, This will also Be available for purchase with an in-utero contract.


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Do you follow our horses and wish you could have one of similar quality & talent?

Buying an In-Utero foal is the best way to get your own top quality youngster for a reasonable price!


We have several talented mares available to choose from.   

Here is how it works:

Total price of a foal in utero is $7,000—$13,000, depending on the mare/stallion being used. After foaling, these babies sell for $2,500-$5,000 this a great way to get a really good price on a well-bred foal.

  1. Start with $3,000 down
  2. When the foal is born, you have 10 days to decide if you would like him or her
  3. If you do, make a second payment of $3,000
  4. Balance is due at weaning (4-6 months of age), at which time you can take your foal home!

With your foal, you will receive any photos that we have taken of them growing up, including the birth (if we are lucky). Until they are ready to be weaned and come home, we will keep you updated about all the miracles of those first few precious months of life via email, photos posted on the website, and by phone. You are also welcome to come visit!


** Learn more about our in-utero options - contact us **



AVAILABLE TO BREED iN 2020 (with a signed in-utero contract)*

Brillianté BTF (Gozo de Plata/JSC's Annabelle) - 2005 16.3hh Grey Spanish Norman mare



Gracie is a uniquely striking mare with a Baroque style. Round, uphill and powerful, she looks like she stepped out of a fairy tale about Medival Knights. She has a huge, round jump, the sensibility of her Percheron dam and the sensitive/light responsiveness to the aids of her Andalusian sire. Everyone that rides her loves her. She wants to please and is very smooth and reliable both in the ring and on trails.


Stallion options: Yeager GF, Gaudi (KWPN), Totil Hit (KWPN).


* NOTE: GRACIE will only be bred if an in-utero contract is in place before 7/1/20.

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AVAILABLE TO BREED iN 2020 (with a signed in-utero contract)*:

Arctic Echo (Polish Miner/Silver Savannah) - 2013 15.2hh Grey Thoroughbred mare



Ekko is a stylish young Thoroughbred mare with Irish and English bloodlines. She is a huge mover with a naturally round topline, a short back, well set neck and a lovely shoulder. She has placed well in every ring that we have put her in - dressage, hunters, jumpers and eventing. She exhibits all of the best qualities that Thoroughbreds are known to be able to bring into to the mix when breeding. Her 2018 KWPN filly, Tiā, is a fantastic example. Previous Foals: Tiā.


Stallion options: W. H. Top Gun (Connemara), Timolin (AES), Yeager GF, Totil Hit (KWPN).


* NOTE: EKKO will only be bred if an in-utero contract is in place before 7/1/20.

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Ni Tiāmat BTF (Timolin/Totilas x Arctic Echo) - 2018 Bay KWPN Filly


Tiā is combines the World class dressage bloodlines of Totilas (Gribaldi) with the famous jumping bloodlines of Landadel (HOL). Add in a bit of Irish and English TB from her dam, Ekko, and you have the perfect mix of movement, scope and stamina for the modern event horse. An amazing likeness to her talented sire, Timolin, we are excited to see what this filly produces when eventually crossed back to our German Warmblood stallion, Yeager GF.

When she is 3 years old in 2021, Tiā will be available to be bred to: Yeager GF.

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